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Ying Mu Jia History

Everything Starts With The Chaos On The Desktop

      I am a product design engineer. I always invest in a large amount of time and effort to sit in front of the computer for different project from customers. Often time I have a problem of to find what I need because there are too many things on my desktop most of time. So I think it would be wonderful if there are storage space combining with the screen rack, and it would even better if the crack has correct height for the screen.

      So I bought a wooden and a metal screen rack on the market , but I found that none of them met my requirements . The wooden screen rack is quite bulky and has limited storage space , the screen may have skewed due to moisture and mildew . The metal screen rack is not high enough , and the hidden storage space is too small to make people forget where things are placed . Although lightweight but not stable and the assembly is quite cumbersome . If the metal surface is not treated carefully enough , it may cause paint to fall off or even scratch your hand , which is not ideal .

      So I started to study a Multi-Functional Storage Rack that can solve all these problems. The increased height is also helps to enlarge the storage space. The open drawers are specially designed to let the user sees the things clearly. The solid aluminum alloy is environmentally friendly and has a streamlined shape. Eliminating the need for complicated assembly makes the screen rack light and stable. The surface is treated with a durable anodized finishing, and all corners are hand-polished to gives it a detailed look.

      After using the sample for half a year I found that this is the product I have been seeking for long time, my desktop is now nice and clean since I use it. So I really want to recommend to everyone.


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